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The Crustacean Industry Welfare Hub (CIWH) provides information and resources to help seafood companies improve welfare standards for decapod crustaceans in their supply chain.

Since decapod crustaceans were recognised as sentient in UK law in April 2022, consumer and industry expectations for decapod welfare standards have been increasing. The Hub supports businesses in all sectors, throughout the sea to plate journey, to review their management and working practices in order to understand and meet these expectations.

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Throughout the sea to plate journey, billions of animals like crabs, lobsters, nephrops (langoustines), prawns and crayfish (decapod crustaceans) are handled by multiple industries – fishing, processing, retail, restaurants and food service, and live export and transport.

Now recognised in law as sentient animals, there are significant implications for each of these sectors.

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The Snapshot assesses the management and reporting practices of 30 UK companies, including household name brands and all major supermarkets.

It covers the welfare of crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans at every stage of the supply chain, from capture and handling to storage and slaughter. The Snapshot scores companies on a number of key criteria and identifies areas of progress, as well as areas where improvements are needed.