Image of electrical prawn stunner made by Ace Aquatec
5th July 2024

Ace Aquatec partners with decapod welfare NGO

UK electrical stunning specialist has teamed up with Shrimp Welfare Project to help expand access to humane slaughter technology.

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Image of three people giving a panel presentation on aquatic animal welfare to an audience at OCEANOVATION Festival 2024
27th June 2024

Investors learn about animal welfare at OCEANOVATION

Crustacean Compassion led an animal welfare discussion at the innovation-focused event in The Hague.

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Photo of presentation screen at SAGB conference 2024
31st May 2024

Nephrops humane slaughter solution on the way

Industry-led R&D project aims to complete prototype by the end of the year.

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Photo of presentation screen at SAGB Conference 2024
31st May 2024

UK decapod welfare codes due for July release

Seafish has given a long-awaited update on the progress of the industry-led Codes of Practice for decapod welfare.

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Image of ASC seabass farm in Croatia
7th May 2024

New ASC Farm Standard includes animal welfare principle

Consultation on the standard is open until 20 May 2024.

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Graphic of 100% progress ring with shrimp
22nd April 2024

Blueyou commits to electrical stunning for farmed decapods

The seafood company’s new animal welfare policy aims to provide ‘a life worth living.’

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Whiteleg vannamei shrimp in a clear bowl held by a human hand
28th March 2024

Aquatic Life Institute launches welfare survey

The NGO wants progressive shrimp farmers to join a welfare-boosting initiative.

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Image of screenshot of online shrimp welfare training course by FAI.
19th March 2024

New case study: FAI’s shrimp welfare app puts farmers in control

FAI reveals how a new tech solution will empower shrimp farmers to improve welfare.

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CCTV in operation sign on wall
29th February 2024

New RSPCA salmon welfare rules scrutinise slaughter process

The charity’s food assurance scheme improvements require CCTV to cover stunning and killing procedures.

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EU flag
29th February 2024

EU announces new centre specialising in aquatic animal welfare

The European Commission’s fourth EU Reference Centre for Animal Welfare will carry out research to support aquatic animal welfare improvements.

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